Special parts, Pipe prefabrication

Special parts

Special parts, right for your project

Special parts include for example drop nipples for the following project-specific applications:
  • Drop nipple for installation in the bearing ceiling construction
    These parts are fastened on the concrete boarding and on the armouring and are sealed in during concreting. The product is made from seamless pipe. The length, connection sizes, type of fixing and the surface finish has to be settled project-spe cific.
  • Drop nipple for fitting in insulating ceilings or clean room ceilings
    These parts are fed through a boring in the ceiling panels and, if necessary, are fixed and sealed. The lengths, connection sizes, type of fixing and surface finish is settled project-spe cific.
  • Special fixture and outlet pipes for Flexhose type VX
    Special connector pipes and/or brackets are sometimes needed to connect or hold the flexible hose type VX-S (see catalogue section 4.3) to the ceiling construction. This bracket can be welded solid to the end pipe or just clamped. The end pipe can be designed as a straight drop nipple or a 90° angular drop nipple. It is connected to the corresponding connection thread on the flexible hose.
  • Parts with special surface treatment
    Almost all parts can be supplied with different surface finishes on request. Surfaces can be painted, powder-coated (in RAL colours), KTL-coated or chrome-plated, depending on the parts in the individual product groups.
  • Sealing Materials
    Different materials may be available for certain applications or media (e.g. NBR instead of EPDM for oily media) for products that include seals (e.g. O-rings, flat seals, lip seals).


Changes to inspected and approved parts require special re - leases in the course of project monitoring.




Pipe prefabrication

Pipe prefabrication
Ready-to-install pipe sections in all variants

Pipe prefabrication is project-related production of completely processed, ready-to-install pipe sections (main pipeline and branch line) for assembly of sprinkler systems (automatic, statio - nary fire extinguishing systems) or for general pipeline construction.

The following processing options are available:

  • Pipe cut-of sections
  • Pipe thread in accordance with DIN 2999 (ISO 7-1)
  • Roll groove for grooved couplings to manufacturers' specifications
  • Boring for clamp-T

The following assembling variants are possible::

  • Tight sealed and screwed tapped fittings (e.g. socket, T-fittings, elbows, end caps)
  • Fitted clamp-T (e.g. VTS sprinkler clamp-T, Gruvlok clamp-T)
  • Welded socket

The following surface treatments are available:

  • Blasting
  • Priming/painting
  • Powder-coating
  • Hot-dip galvanizing

Your inquiry for this group of product should be sent directly to the following plant in Hannover:

Mr. Wolfgang Bätge
Tel.: +49 (0)511 6700-246
Fax: +49 (0)511 6700-143



Product range System VIROTEC®
Product range System VIROTEC®
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