Drilling device, Circular keyhole saw, Thread sealant

Drilling device for the mobile use
Drilling device for the mobile use

The Type 1 drilling device is a mobile device for use on construction sites. Used properly it enables holes to be drilled in the centre and perpendicular to the pipe axis. It is therefore particularly suited for making the necessary drill holes for drilled clips (sprinkler clips), e.g. VIROTEC®-VTS.


The Type 1 drilling device is intended for use together with a standard drill with clamping collar. The drill should have a controllable speed and have adequate drive power. Type 1 drilling devices are suitable for pipes from 1” – 21/2”.

The drilling devices essentially consist of the following components:
  • Tension chain for fixing the device on the pipe
  • Drill holder with clamp fixing
  • Angle section with tripod for plumb fixing of the device
  • Rotary tommy bar for feeding the feeding the drill

The drills are not included in the scope of supply. Please ask your tools dealer.

Technical data

  • Item number: 510-110
  • Weight: Approx. 4.0 kg
  • Drilling-Ø: Up to 30 mm
  • Pipe-Ø: 1” – 21/2”
  • Collar-Ø: Approx. 43 mm
  • Applicable for: VIROTEC®-VTS, other sprinkler clamps

Circular keyhole saw with variant spacing

Circular keyhole saw with variant spacing

Circular keyhole saws are a combined tool consisting of a centring drill and drill bit, in order to make the holes required on site quickly and easily, e.g. for drilled clips. They are used for sprinkler clips, e.g. type VIROTEC®-VTS, for other drilled clips and flow indicators. Only the drill bit has to be changed according to the required drill hole diameter and not the whole tool. The circular key hole saws can be clamped using three-jaw chucks.


The circular keyhole saw consists of the following components:

  • Item 1 Holder with hexagonal shaft
  • Item 2 Pilot bit
  • Item 3 Centrifugal spring
  • Item 4 Drill bit

The holder for the pilot bit is available in two designs: for saws-Ø 14.3 – 30.2 mm without retainer and for saws-Ø 31.8 – 152.4 mm with retainer The pilot bits and centrifugal springs are the same for all drill bit diameters. The circular keyhole saws are available both as complete units and as individual parts.

Technical data

Drill bit
  • Material: HSS-bimetall
  • Cutting depth: 40 – 45 mm maximum
  • Diameter: See table

  • Drill bit-Ø 14 – 30 mm: Without retainer, 11 mm hexagonal shaft
  • Drill bit-Ø 32 – 152 mm: With retainer, 11 mm hexagonal shaft

Pilot bit
  • Material: HSS steel specially sharpened
  • Length/Diameter: 115 mm/6.35 mm



Thread sealant VFD

VIROTEC®-thread sealant VFD simple and fast handling

The VIROTEC®-thread sealant is a liquid, anaerobic sealant for sealing metal pipe connections. Due to its quick and easy use it is a cost-effective alternative to conventional sealants such as hemp or Teflon tape.

Handling advice

  • Cut the tube at the dispensing tip
  • Clean thread, dry and if necessary degrease
  • Uniformly apply product to the first third of the outer thread, over the whole circumference, between at least two threaded flanks
  • Apply the product to the front part of the inner thread.
  • Screw in thread and adequately tighten according to the nominal size.
  • Remove any escaping sealant with cloths; if possible avoid skin contact
  • The leak test can take place after 4 – 8 hours, the final strength is reached after 24 h. (Values apply when used below room temperature).



VIROTEC® VFD thread sealant is an anaerobic sealant which only cures and seals without air and on contact with metal. The pro - duct is therefore not suitable for installing non-metal threads (e.g. plastic). The air in the bottle keeps the product liquid.


VIROTEC® thread sealant is a liquid sealant for use on pipe threads e.g. to DIN 2999 (ISO 7-1). It is simply applied to the front part of the outer and inner thread. The dispensing tip on the bottle makes it easy to position the product on the thread. When the thread is screwed the product spreads between the threads and completely cures there after 8 – 24 hours. This ensures secure sealing up to a pressure of 100 bar. The connection can be undone. The break-away torque depends on the thread diameter. VIROTEC® thread sealant is available in two container sizes, VFD- 50 with 50 ml and VFD-250 with 250 ml contents.

Technical data

  • Thread size: 3/8” … 2-1/2”
  • Thread type: Pipe thread after DIN 2999 (ISO 7-1)
  • Crack bridging: 0.15 mm
  • Size of trading unit: 50 ml/250 ml
  • Packaging unit: 10 pieces
  • Colour: Red
  • Viscosity: 2.000 … 3.000 Mpas
  • Curing time: 8 … 24 h
  • Handling temperature: Approx. 20 °C
  • Working temperature: - 50 °C … 150 °C
  • Working pressure: Max. 100 bar

Gewindedichtmittel VFD

Product range System VIROTEC®
Product range System VIROTEC®
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